Classes and Pricing

Price increase coming September 1st. Click here for more information.

Psycle 60 – 1 Hour

Not your normal 1 hour bike ride. This high intensity cardio workout will challenge you, make you sweat, make you think, make you sing and most importantly make you fit… and wanting more!

Psycle 90 – 1.5 Hours

Psycle 60 + 30 minutes

PsycleSwing – 1 Hour

60 minute class with 40 minutes on the bike followed or proceeded by 20 minutes of kettlebell and core work.

Cardio Core (NEW) - 1 Hour

Cardio Core boot camp will challenge your core with circuits and intervals giving you a well-rounded fitness experience that keeps you motivated. This power packed class utilizes medicine balls, weights, bands and TRX Suspension Trainers for a strong, powerful core workout packed with extra cardio benefits.

TRX Circuit – 1 Hour

This is a great class for those looking to get a very thorough upper and lower body workout complete with core. Circuit is a 60 minute class that will increase balance, strength, flexibility, and circulation. This class has been nicknamed “Drench” making good use of that sweat towel!

30/30 – 1 Hour

30 minutes of TRX Circuit training followed by 30 minutes of Psycle

Kettlebell 30 – 1/2 Hour

30 minute class in Psycle Fit room using kettle bells in different swinging motions to strengthen core as well as arms and legs. You will also get a cardio workout during this invigorating hour. Wear training shoes and normal workout apparel for this class.


First Class – Free (Locals only)
2 weeks unlimited classes – $25 (locals only, one time per client)
Single class – $18
5 Class Package – $80
10 Class Package – $140
20 Class Package – $240
50 Class Package – $500
Student class $10 (up to 24 and in school… includes shoes)
Student 10 pack – $80
Kettlebell single – $12
Kettlebell 5 Pack – $50
Shoe rental – $2


Class package expiration:

  • 5 pack – 60 days
  • 10 pack – 100 days
  • 20 – pack 180 days
  • 50 – pack 365 days


Sign up is available one week in advance.  You will be notified if you get into class off the waiting list more than 3 hours before class. If you don’t cancel at least 3 hours before class or don’t show up for a class you will be charged for the class.


Facility Includes:

  • Stadium Style Riding
  • Shoe Rental
  • Showers / Changing Room
  • Lockers
  • Parking
  • Free water, towel, hair ties, gum and ear plugs
  • Free bananas, granola bars
  • Free coffee, tea and hot chocolate

Psycle Etiquette

Text and Talk
No cell phones in the bike room please. If you must stay connected sit in back and leave the room if you must text/talk.

Talking to others during a class is a major annoyance. Plus, if you can talk you may want to consider working harder… just sayin’

Timely Arrival
10, 2 and 10. Please arrive 10 minutes early. Bikes will be released to waiting clients 2 minutes before class. No one will be allowed to start class after 10 minutes.

We ride close together to gain strength from the group. That being said no one wants to smell your unlaundered workout clothes.

Dancing to your own beat
It’s okay if you are going to do your own thing during class. Just sit in the back out of respect for the instructor and so you don’t confuse other riders.

After the sweat
We ask that after class you wipe your bike down with the wipes provided by the teacher platform. If you sweat so much you create a lake under your bike we want to congratulate you. We would also ask that you use your sweat towel to mop it up. If there is a class immediately following yours, we also ask that you hurry the hell up in doing all this. Much appreciated.

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